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Popular GameCube Games

Even though Wii gaming console is extremely popular now, its predecessor GameCube can't be written out of the market completely. GameCube's array of games are abundant and most of those are still loved by console lovers worldwide. If you know that your friend owns a GameCube, then don't give it a second thought - go ahead to buy one of the popular GameCube games still available today.

Before buying a present for your friend, understand his gaming preferences. Some players love to compete with their friends in multiplayer setups while others love single player adventures. You will have a number of choices for GameCube games and here are some of the top recommendations.

The Legend Of Zenda: Twilight Princess

Twilight princess comes with multiple puzzles and play is very similar to previous versions. Compelling storyline and characters are major features. Puzzle design is outstanding and the game can keep you hooked for a long time. It is a long game with terrific graphics. This is ideal for those who prefer single player long games.

Super Smash Bros: Meelee

The smash bros series are considered one of the most addictive gaming console games. It is a multiplayer game with unique game play. The Meelee version of the game is more enticing with several play modes, secrets and extras. Multi player mode is very exciting while single player mode is very much improved.

Resident Evil 4

This game is most loved by gaming console owners for its state of the art presentation and excellent action packed adventure game play. The audio visual presentation of the game is highly pleasing. The shooting action is so real and the lengthy storyline keeps your attention tied to the game. There are a number of extras in the game which enhance its' replay value.

Metroid Prime

Metroid is one of the best games, definitely worth playing. The adventurous journey through the planet is exciting. There is not much of a story in the game, but the game haunts you with its' compelling 3D graphics. Different modes of shooting allow you to exploit the features of your gaming console well.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Inventive game play, excellent visuals and challenging game modes are specialties of the game. Many game lovers say that the game play is completely overflowing with funny and wonderful characters. The subplots are truly inviting and visuals will keep you wanting to play more. If your friend loves visually appealing games that can be played several times, then Paper Mario is a good choice.

Tales Of Symphonia

Tales of Symphonia is a must have game for those with a GameCube console. It is GameCube's first role playing game and it has acquired a large fan base. The game is entertaining and visually pleasing. The game play is simply terrific.