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Popular Nintendo 64 Games

There have been many classic Nintendo 64 games in the past. Many people will argue back and forth trying to figure out which are the best games. There are so many to choose from that this can be quite difficult to accomplish. But after a lot of research and hard work the top 10 Nintendo 64 games of all time were named. Even though you may not agree with these names you better believe that they are truly the top games of all time. Check them out individually if you have any doubts.

#1 Ogre Battle 64
#2 Diddy Kong Racing
#3 Pokemon Stadium 2
#4 Mega Man 64
#5 Mortal Kombat 4
#6 Mischief Makers
#7 Mario Party
#8 Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
#9 Gauntlet Legends
#10 WWF Wrestle Mania 2000

These are the top 10 games and they are all great and fun to play with. It took a long time but this is the golden list of games that you will truly enjoy. The Nintendo 64 is an old system but it is definitely a classic system that you can play and still have fun playing it now.

Even though there are many systems now with better graphics, the Nintendo 64 will always be remembered for all the great and wonderful games. When you look back at the history of gaming it has definitely developed and grew very rapidly throughout the years. It is amazing how realistic the graphics are not compare to how they were in the past.

The thing that is even funnier is that such classic characters as Mario, Mega man and Pokemon just never seen to go away at all. Kids have grown to love these characters and this is the main reason why they will continue to come out in the new and more advanced systems.