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Popular Playstation 3 Games

One game that is highly popular and best selling is Madden NFL 11. This game brings the football experience straight to your living room with its amazing effects and new audio controls. You will be able to bring the entire NFL to your house and be a part of it with the enhanced digital options.

Additionally, you will be able to design your own game plans and create a plan of attack all on your own, putting you inside the very core of the football game. You will be able to use the coach's hints as you construct a play that is right for your team and then you will be able to actually act out the movies with your Dual Sticks. You will be able to see the game in vivid detail, in realistic format, with coaches and players and a raving audience, and you will be able to hear all the sounds and noises and cheering and grunting that makes a football game feel so real and spirited. This is the game for all football fans.

Another best selling game is Call of Duty: Black Ops for PlayStation 3. This game brings you an authentic feel of what the Black Ops soldiers really went through when fighting in dangerous conditions. This game is inspired from actual true events and will give you a real sense of what the experience was like for soldiers who fought hand to hand combat. You will also get the chance to fight on the ground or in the air with hand to hand style or with a dazzling array of weaponry, all inspired from the real Cold War era and time period.

Also, you will be able to see amazing settings and fight in environments that were authentic representations of fighting in the Cold War era, such as snowy mountains or in dangerous jungles or even in the air above urban cities of Vietnam. This game is the true authentic feeling of wartime and adventure. Red Dead Redemption is a best selling game that combines a sense of the wild, wild west with gangs and retribution. You will be a character who is an ex gangster who is ordered by the cops to reveal his past gang peers. You will then go on an adventure complete with wild horses and treasure and damsels in distress, and you will get the true experience by being able to skin animals alive and rob from people or help people when their land starts to burn. You will help people who are locked up by bandits and ultimately your goal is to get home to your wife and son.

Another game that is taking on the charts is God of War III, which is a graphically advanced game that allows you to fight enemies such as tall Titans with brutal combat, all ensconced in a setting that feels totally realistic and three-dimensional. The worlds are a treat for the imagination as they are all unique and have amazing lighting and textures. You will also encounter many characters from Greek myths that you can interact with and you will have amazing new weapons and ways to combat, as well.